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Hello, I'm Joseph & I'm an interdisciplinary Audio Specialist based out of Toronto/Detroit.'s what you can expect...


- 6 years of audio mixing experience 

- Experience with Sound Devices recorders, Boom Ops, & lavaliers

- DAW literacy in AVID's ProTools + FL Studio 

- Utilize iZotopeRX & Fabfilter software

- 14 years of piano composition

- 6 years of music production

What I offer:

- Boom operation

- Film Mixing & Mastering

- Score Composition

- Sound design

- Custom Song Produciton (new)

*pricing agreed upon*


FAMU APP Film Sound Program Graduate 

2022-2023 Prague, Czechia

Internship at Avius Recordings

2022 Spring- Summer Windsor, Canada

University of Windsor Communications, Media, & Film 

2019-2022 Windsor, Canada

Composing in 4DSOUND Workshop

April 2024 Berlin, Germany

snip resume_edited_edited.png


I fell in love with music at a young age, which eventually led me to a deep exploration into the medium of sound. I began playing piano at the age of 9 and from there explored, jazz, classical, noise, sound sclpture, and many other genres. I geared my career towards film as it makes use of my techincal audio knowledge, alongside my knowledge of musical comoposition. I love to continuously incorperate both.

I studied media & film at the University of Windsor, and Film Sound at FAMU. I'm here to share my experience and be of assistance for your next project.

...Thank you for reading...



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